Embrace Your Loved Ones Memory with Cremation Ashes Diamonds



Everyone is familiar with the adage about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. But don’t be surprised if those precious gems are her mom, dad, grandma, or even her pet dog. Today, cremation jewelry is taking over the traditional large vase-like urns that people sit in their living room or on their mantel to keep the memory of their deceased loved ones nearby.


Actually, the practice of using cremation jewelry has been around for ages; ever since the beginning of progress or maybe even long before that. But today, a growing number of families are opting for cremation jewelries. These jewelries offer another way for people to honor their deceased loved ones while keeping their memory near them.  They somehow provide comfort and give a feeling that the person who passed on continues to be around. Cremation jewelry can be custom-designed to match each person’s taste, character, faith, and religion in many different symbols and styles.


Cremation ashes diamonds offer a way to hold close the memory of your loved ones at each passing day and can be handed down from one generation to the next, becoming a family heirloom. It only takes around a pound of ashes to create a solitary LONITE diamonds. So the remaining ashes can still be kept inside a cremation urn. A cremation diamond is an extremely unique and everlasting cremation jewelry tribute at hand. Very often, people bring the diamonds to the jewelers to be fashioned into pendants or rings.


The cost, which is within the $5,000 to $22,000 price range, is comparable to some funerals. The process as well as the machinery used is almost similar in a lab that uses other carbon materials to make synthetic diamonds. Basically, the process involves reducing the ash into carbon then sliding it into some machine where it is subjected to extreme heat and pressure for several weeks. That is at least some hundred million years quicker than it takes for nature to produce diamonds. For more facts and information cremation, you can go to http://www.dictionary.com/browse/cremation.


The stones typically come out blue, which they say is because of residual amounts of boron that is found in the human body. Boron is very likely an element involved in the formation of bones. In a few cases, however, a diamond comes out white or yellow or almost black. There is no exact explanation for such, but regardless of which color pops out it is always a unique diamond for every unique person. The family can only be happy to have their loved ones back, in a sense. And, in a brilliant form even. Learn more of the cremation diamonds made from human ashes here https://www.lonite.com/en/turn-human-cremation-ashes-into-diamonds.html.


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